Yorgos Archimandritis

With a ring... that’s about how the fairy tale of life together starts. With a ring. A vow of faith and love, before the eyes of men, in the house of God. My camera prints my look at your new beginning. Light like the click on my camera button. Fleeting like the unique moment flying away.

I am a freelance photographer and videographer based in Athens, Greece. You will get to know me through the shots of your life, just like I saw them, like I felt them, like I recorded them.

Thanasis & Katerina, Athens 2017 Thanasis & Katerina, Athens 2017

With a print... yours. The day you become the heroes in your own play, I will be there. With you, among you, beside you. I record your feelings, the pale shades of your mood, from purple to white and back forth. From happiness to sorrow and back to happiness. I put together the treasure of your memories, where you will go back to recall, to feel strong, nostalgia and show the next generation the love which brought them to life.

Minas & Elena, Athens
Aug 2017
Minas & Elena, Athens
Vaggelis & Mariliza, Nafplio
May 2017
Vaggelis & Mariliza, Nafplio
Lazaros & Natasa, Plaka
May 2017
Lazaros & Natasa, Plaka

For a wedding... yours. You are made up, have your hair done, some people shed a tear, some other laugh. The button may get stuck, a hairlock does not let go, the cufflink is not tight, the face powder imperceptibly tickles the nose, a bouquet awaits in the vase, the clock ticks the time away, the wedding dress looks gorgeous, you, him, each separately, until the looks cross and the lives are joined. 

These looks are what I am waiting for. The moment the one is mirrored into the other. Each one send out its own signal, speaks its own language. These are the moves I record. The moment the hands are joined and bound numb. The moment the ring slides in the fingers marking a new beginning.


Browse pictures... and decide if this is how you want to see your moments, if you want me for the director of the film you star in. Through my own perspective your celebration, your wedding, your personal moment of happiness, the most special day of your life until today, your first day together, unfolds before your eyes.

I am a freelance photographer and videographer based in Athens, Greece. You will get to know me through my work. You will recognize me through the scenes of your life, as I saw them, as I felt them, as I captured and recorded them.

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