//Dionysia & Giannis, wedding in Athens and Peloponnese//


I do not know where to begin and what to say about these two adorable lovebirds. Throughout my career as a wedding photographer, I came across many couples that they have been together since they can remember. Dionysia and Giannis are one of those couples that they are, what we call, ‘one’. Dionysia is a sweet, adorable and smiley person, and Giannis is one of those people that you want to talk to for hours! He is a teaser, but he also has a great sense of humour!

 One of the things I always believed is that when the love between two people is real and honest, it is always reflected on their faces when you meet them. In love stories like this one, it is impossible to hide your love for the other person, especially when you wait for her in front of the church entrance, holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I will always remember two very unique moments of their wedding. The first one is Giannis’ expression when he saw Dionysia in her first wedding look. Overwhelmed by love, Giannis kissed her gently and offered her the flowers. The second one was the electric feeling while they were hugging in front of a bright yellow wall during their couple session. At this point, I have to mention that in the Art of Photography, the yellow colour symbolises “obsession” and “caution”. If I had to come up with a label or a title for this photograph it would certainly be “Caution, Love”.

 A couple of days earlier, the two of them got married in a very beautiful venue in Athens, celebrating their love with family and friends. Later on, around the end of September, I met with the couple at Leonidio and then at Poulithra for their photo shooting session. Up until this point, I had no idea that a beautiful green village like this one existed! Strolling around the picturesque alleys of the village, I realised that I had to visit it again soon.

 Thank you, Dionysia and Giannis for everything! May you always love each other as passionate as the day I met you!


Makeup artist Stella Mpatzaki • Hairstylist Eliza Skondra • Wedding dress Primalicia Bridal Designers • Bridal shoes Guy Laroche • Groom’s attire Hugo Boss • Groom’s shoes Base London • Floral design The Garden • Wedding invitations Galaz • Wedding Dj Music Works • Cocktail bar For God’s Shake • Wedding venue Ktima Efilena